Time to Enclose that Crawlspace?

Do you hate the idea of going under your house? Do you know what’s possibly living and/or growing under your house?

Studies have shown that the “vented crawlspace” method that was used when building most homes in our area is not the best choice. Warm air in the summer meets the cool surface of the dirt and moisture is created – trapped under your house. This can lead to mold growth, saturation/rot of wood under the home – both leading to major problems.

Call us today for a free estimate to encapsulate your home’s crawlspace. Your health and energy bill will thank you!

Our service includes the following:

  • Remove all trash from under the home
  • Level dirt under the home
  • Seal all vents and foundation penetrations
  • Line inside perimeter walls with plastic liner
  • Wrap foundation pillars with plastic liner
  • Line floor with heavy duty plastic
  • Install whole-home dehumidifier with drain to outside of crawlspace
  • Install temperature and humidity sensor with indoor view screen.