Trane Whole Home Generators

Did you know that Trane offers whole home stand-by generators?

For over a hundred years families have relied on Trane to stay comfortable, even with Mother Nature making things difficult. That tradition continues today with Trane liquid cooled standby generators, providing another level of reliability that automatically protects the things that matter most during a power outage: your family, home and assets.

Using your home’s existing natural gas or liquid propane fuel supply, a Trane liquid cooled standby generator seamlessly backs up the circuits you choose and automatically starts within seconds of detecting a power loss. The transfer switch immediately senses when utility power has been interrupted, transferring responsibility to the generator. When the utility power is restored, the transfer switch automatically transfers back to utility power, shutting down and instantly resetting itself for the next power interruption with no action required by you, the homeowner.

Trane liquid cooled standby generators are built for the long haul.

Don’t be fooled; liquid cooled standby generators have many advantages over their air cooled counterparts.

  • Designed to withstand extended run times with an automotive-grade engine
  • Safe for sensitive electronics thanks to Clean Power Technology with 5% or less Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Lower operating temperatures ensuring longer engine life
  • Quieter than many comparable gasoline powered generators

See below for unit specifications.

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