Comfort Club Membership

Importance of HVAC maintenance with the Rich’s Comfort Club Membership

Below are a few reasons to consider joining our Comfort Club. Membership includes a bi-annual service of your HVAC system which includes cleaning the indoor and outdoor components, testing electrical components, testing/cleaning gas heat components (if at home), replace air filters, and check refrigerant pressures. Priority service and a 10% discount on parts are also included. Call us today for pricing information!

Options for every budget

We know that having the right option for your family budget is important. With three different options to choose from, even the lowest cost options keep your unit running it’s best. Other options include no cost replacements of electrical components, reduced refrigerant costs, and even no service call fees during regular hours. Talk to our ComfortClub director for more details.

Saved Costs

Without proper maintenance, HVAC system’s components wear out, get dirty or get mal-aligned. If the above issues are not rectified, the HVAC system consumes more power to produce the same comfort (heating and air conditioning), thereby increasing the utility bills. By conducting proper maintenance on an HVAC system, the equipment can save on energy consumption. In addition to reduced utility bills, HVAC system’s users save money on repairs.


Increased Efficiency and High-Quality Air

A well-maintained HVAC system functions efficiently. Non-maintained systems may produce too much or too little heating/ air conditioning, thereby increasing the discomfort of building users. By maintaining HVAC systems, building users enjoy high-quality indoor air.


Minimal Risk of Emergency Breakdown

Everyone wants his/ her HVAC system to function properly, especially during high heat/cold systems. The danger of having an HVAC system breakdown in the middle of winter/ summer can be prevented by servicing the equipment before a season commences. Abrupt breakdowns can be highly inconveniencing and expensive.


Increased Life of a System

Well maintained HVAC systems last longer than non-maintained HVAC equipments. The increased life of these equipments can be attributed to the fact that well-serviced equipments consume only the appropriate quantity of energy, and they do not work too hard to generate the needed heating/ cooling. Unmaintained HVAC systems, on the other hand, have to overwork to generate adequate heating/ cooling.


Warranty Benefit

Most HVAC equipments come with warranties. A person can benefit from free, yet professional servicing of his/ her HVAC equipment from the manufacturer/ supplier as long as the HVAC equipment’s warranty is still valid. The warranty saves HVAC systems’ owners the hassle of finding HVAC technicians too soon after acquiring the equipments.

HVAC maintenance is highly recommended for a number of reasons. Proper servicing ensures that any potential faults are detected and rectified on time, and at reduced costs compared to waiting for the HVAC to breakdown. The efficiency of HVAC equipment is also increased, and with it comes high-quality indoor air. HVAC equipment owners can save money on reduced and minimal repairs as well as reduced energy consumption. Call us to schedule your HVAC maintenance checkup today.

For more information, check out our Comfort Club Video!