Duplin County, NC

Quiet streets, open spaces, and small-town charm: if any of those characteristics sound like your kind of place, then you might be the perfect fit for Duplin County in North Carolina. And for the staff here at Rich’s Heating and Air Conditioning, there’s no other place we’d rather help create healthier, more comfortable homes and businesses through proper HVAC installation and maintenance.

Though it isn’t located directly on our state’s coastline, Duplin County does enjoy a warmer climate and plenty of rainfall. Thanks to this, local landmarks like Duplin Winery produce some of the best homegrown fruits and vegetables, giving the area a wholesome claim to fame. But, along with that mild weather does come an increased risk for moisture and crawl space-related problems. In fact, some of the most popular services in the region include HVAC unit installation, air duct cleaning, crawl space cleaning and enclosure, and indoor air quality evaluations.

Since many of our technicians and staff call someplace in Duplin County home, we’re familiar with the way that its residents invest themselves in the good of their communities. It’s also what drives our team, and why we make it a point to respond quickly to requests for service as well as emergency calls or installation appointments. Due to our headquarters’ convenient location in the town of Wallace, we’re able to travel to each of our customers with relative ease, which means that you can count on us not to leave you waiting for a more comfortable atmosphere at home or at the office. And when your HVAC unit runs at optimal capacity, you and your family, friends and coworkers are also breathing cleaner and healthier air on a daily basis.

If you’re a resident of Duplin County, North Carolina, look no further for all of your HVAC unit or heating and air conditioning needs! Contact us today to schedule your consultation and service appointment with Rich’s Heating and Air Conditioning.